Fashionable Ways to Style Flats/Shoes

Fashionable Ways to Style Flats/Shoes

Whether you get dressed from “top to bottom,” or “bottom to top,” your choice of shoes can make or break an outfit. When styling your flats or shoes, comfort is just as important as style and versatility.

For events like coffee dates, errands, or shopping, flats can be paired well with cuffed or cropped jeans, a skirt, or a sundress. Flats or comfortable strappy shoes are perfect for most business casual outfits, and are excellent for those who are not interested in sacrificing comfort.

Socially, heels easily bridge the gap between day- evening looks, and also aid the overall “togetherness” of an ensemble. Stylistically, a business casual outfit paired with heels lessens the “casual- ness” of the look, and makes the wearer look like they put plenty of thought into what they have on.  A simple example of “upgrading,” an outfit can be found in adding heels to a jeans and tee shirt look. With the addition of a heel, the basic jeans and tee shirt look is taken to a to a much more sophisticated level; to complete the outfit add a cropped jacket or your favorite bag.

Additionally, for women on the go, changing from a day time flat to a high heeled shoe is the perfect solution for a day that is far too busy for an outfit change.

With the variety of colored, attachable ankle straps offered by Ginger Straps all one needs is a pair of versatile flats or heels, and some Ginger Straps to make an effortless outfit.

Only slip out of your shoes when YOU want to...

Only slip out of your shoes when YOU want to...

Ginger Straps is an awesome Attachable Ankle Strap addition to your heels and flats, serving not only as a solution-based product, but also gives your shoe a new look! 



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