Fashionable shoe accessory to fix loose or stretched out shoes, no more slipping out of shoes. Make heels more comfortable. Learn more at Ginger Straps!

Just got these in last night and I love them! The leather and gold buckle match so perfectly with my rocking horse shoes! They are so easy to apply and the glue held amazing with the weight of the wood sole! Now my shoes feel so comfortable to wear! ~ID

Easy to use! I have a pair of pumps that I slipped out of. I attached a ginger strap and problem solved in the form of a cute buckle strap! No slipping out every time I take a step. ~H

I have just put these on so do not know how long they will last but seller has been very good to work with and correct any problems so far! ~C

I got Ginger Straps in black and nude and they work like a charm! They brought 2 of my favorite, but stretched out shoes back to life!!! ~MJFB

This product is awesome! Works miracles. Every woman should have some handy. Please get more colors and styles!!!! :) ~N

I bought these as a gift for my sister, who has narrow feet, and was constantly slipping out of her shoes to the extent that she basically gave up on wearing certain types of shoes, fashionable though they may be. I sent her a pair of Ginger Straps and she was very happy at the their versatility and she can now happily wear any type of shoe without worrying about tripping over herself. ~Anonymous 

How to make dress shoes, flats, high heels, pumps and stilettos more comfortable, protect against blisters for prom, wedding, parties and work from Ginger Straps

Love the straps and will definitely order more! I have already spread the word about these straps!! ~KM

These fixed my problem completely! So happy I can wear my shoes comfortably now. ~MM 

Works really well!!!!! Wish it came in more colors! ~FS

They look really classy with my black leather pumps and they seem to be doing the job. I wished there were more variations! ~CG

Love these! They work fantastically! ~Anonymous

I just wanted to let you know I tried your attachable straps for the first time today and they are WONDERFUL. I have neuropathy. I'm only 50 but I can't wear heels anymore due to pain and poor balance. That was a major blow to my confidence. I switched to pointy toe flats but my toes don't lift and my shoes constantly fall off. Sometimes I walk right out of them without realizing it. It seemed like my only option was to wear shoes that lace up or buckle without looking like orthopedic footwear. I'm a professional. I wear skirts to work. I've been so frustrated. I love Gingerstraps. ~KM

Very helpful and convenient item! Does its job, is secure, and adds style to my shoes too! Thanks so much! ~Anonymous

I had given up on wearing heels until I found these. I live in the north and comfortably wearing tights with heels is near impossible for me, so I wanted to try ankle straps. I was able to reposition them when attaching, but once I applied them to my shoe and put them on my feet, the bond was totally secure. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who suffers from pain when wearing heels. The leather is super soft, and the strap keeps me from putting my weight on the front of my feet where I get joint pain from bunions. And I love how they look! My favorite pumps just got cuter. ~CF

Attachable and removable ankle straps give new life to ill fitting shoes and add style and comfort. Improve your posture and love your shoes again with Ginger Straps!

Amazing. I bought these straps because my wife broke the strap on her favorite, Louboutin high heels. After contacting the company, and searching for a solution I came across this ingenious product. Fortunately the color matched and my wife is ecstatic. Thank you very much Ginger Straps! ~Anonymous

I had a pair of flats that had stretched a lot to where I had trouble walking much in them without my heels popping out. A friend told me about ginger straps and omg I love them!! They ended up getting me an extra YEAR out of those shoes and the adhesive was so good that it outlasted the sole on the shoes themselves. I keep looking for another pair of shoes to use them on. LOVE. ~KC

These are so great and are an absolute necessity! I have a pair of Manolo D'Orseys that are timeless but I unfortunately bought them too big and they flip when I wear them; not to mention completely dangerous. Adding the Ginger Strap keeps them on my feet and so much more comfortable. I can move in the shoes now that I don't have to worry about falling out them. They also give a great edgier look to the shoe, while maintaining a classic style. Very innovative and so useful that every woman should have one in each color. ~Anonymous

Great idea for ill fitting shoes. Love the flirty strap! Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. ~JJ