This Season’s Hottest Shoe Trends

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Harper’s Bizarre recently published an article highlighting this season’s hottest look for shoe fashion and it’s been met with pleasant surprise. Actually, that’s a little reserved. It’s more like unexpected enthusiasm.

Why? Because it’s not some crazy look that feels too on the fringe, or risky. It’s not something that your future self will laugh at when you view photos from 2017. It’s the kind of look that makes you say, “thank you, Fashion World.”

Yes, this season, our feet will be delighted to know that the focus isn’t on the height of the heel or the point of the toe.

This year, it’s all about the ankle.

Let’s just pause for a moment and know that every woman has been heard. Designers finally get it: the success of walking comfortably and confidently rests in the support from our ankles.

Now, the key is realizing that ankle support doesn’t mean orthopedic atrocities to shoe fashion. It means sexy, stylish and fashion flare. It means people who might not love wearing dress shoes can love them again. It means we don’t necessarily need to go through a process of breaking in new shoes that may or may not involve hairdryers and tube socks. And it may mean that boring, or forgotten or stretched out shoes may see the light of day again.

Cue the roar of applause.

It’s a Wrap

So how do we put an emphasis on our ankle? Ankle straps, ruffles, ribbons and ties.

Your ankles will be wrapped as pretty as a present or as simple as a single strap. Look for thick cuffs, silk wraps and leather bows. Everything from thick and bold to slender and subtle is making this trend a superstar.

The versatility of the shoe strap extends across your entire wardrobe – from casual flats to edgy stilettos.

In many parts of the United States, we’ve seen a slow start to spring...or a soaking wet start. If that’s the case where you live, it’s good to know that ankle straps and wraps look adorable with stockings and tights. And if you happen to step in soft ground – the kind that’s been know to swallow a shoe or two, your ankle straps will keep your shoes from falling off. Juuusssttt in case.

And when the heat hits – if it hasn’t already - ankle strap heels, sandals or flats are easily the shoe staple of summer as they allow your poor feet some room to breathe, while looking superbly stylish. They also help keep a sweaty foot from rubbing up and down, preventing painful blisters. Score!

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