How it Works


Ladies, we have all been there. Commuting on the subway to work, running to avoid the rain, or skipping off to a hot date when all of the sudden — boom — your gorgeous new heel slips off your foot, goes flying down the sidewalk and gets all scuffed up. Not to mention your poor bare foot and whatever it just accidentally stepped in.

Whether you bought them too big (but they were so cute!), they stretched out over time, or whatever, it doesn’t matter — tripping over your shoes all day is simply the worst (not to mention the painful blisters said slipping produces). There are all kinds of other situations to consider too — what about ordering online with inconsistent sizing across brands? What if you are between sizes?

Shoes are something that are just supposed to work, but what happens when they don’t? What do you do then?

Enter Ginger Straps — the easy, stylish, and patent-pending way to turn a strapless shoe into a strappy shoe.