What are Ginger Straps for?

Ginger Straps turn your heel or flat into a strappy shoe preventing you from slipping in and out of your shoe while walking.

How do you attach Ginger Straps?

Simply peel off the adhesive backing, align and press applique to inside back of heel or flat. Check out our images in the “How Does it Work” section.


Can Ginger Straps be used on different shoes?

Ginger Straps are not made to switch from shoe to shoe. We found the absolute strongest tape for our product to assure that pressure from walking wouldn’t compromise the purpose of Ginger Straps. We want your feet to stay securely inside of your shoe for that perfect fit!

What colors are available?

Matte Black, Patent Black, Patent Nude (wide), Silver, Gold and Rose Gold (Wide) are the three most popular colors and more colors and varieties are on the way!