About GS

After slipping out of far too many shoes and getting blisters, Leana Loh was determined to create a product that could attach a strap to heels and flats keeping her feet comfortable and in place. Determined to share the brilliance of her shoe straps with the world, she launched an Etsy shop, demand grew and Ginger Straps was born with a mission to provide a solution for a better fitting shoe!

Not only do Ginger Straps add a whole new level of comfort and functionality to your shoes (they are specifically designed to minimize blisters) while eliminating the worry that they will take off on their own accord at any minute, they are a fun way to add style and flair to any pair of shoes, new or old. In three easy steps you can breathe new life to the shoes you've bought while ensuring they fit you perfectly.

The soft leather insert is applied to the back of the shoe by simply peeling back an adhesive strip and sticking it inside the shoe. Now all you have to do is fasten the pretty strap around your adorable ankle and off you go!

Sounds too good to be true? We promise, they are not. Check out what some of our lovely customers have already said:

“This product is awesome! Works miracles. Every woman should have some handy.”

“Very helpful and convenient item! Does its job, is secure, and adds style to my shoes too! Thanks so much!”

“I bought these as a gift for my sister who was constantly slipping out of her shoes to the extent that she basically gave up on wearing certain types of shoes, fashionable though they may be. I sent her a pair of Ginger Straps and she can now happily wear any type of shoe without worrying about tripping over herself.”

Ginger Straps come in matte black, patent black, patent nude (wide), silver, gold and rose gold with more fun colors on their way. Grab a pair today and slip out of your shoe, only when YOU want to™!