Why Ankle Straps

Attachable ankle straps Improve Shoe Fit - Keep loose or stretched out shoes from slipping off your heels  Protect Your Heels From Blisters, Shift Your Weight onto Your Heel for Better Posture and Comfort

Introducing Ginger Straps®, the best attachable ankle strap that securely attaches to your shoe. Made from genuine leather, this durable shoe accessory improves the fit of loose or stretched out shoes. Ginger Straps® help prevent blisters, and transfers weight from the ball of your foot to your ankle, which is stronger and more stable.

It is estimated that 60% of woman have narrow heels, causing them to regularly slip out of the back of their shoes. This causes awkwardness and discomfort when walking, and blisters from shoes that rub and grind up and down on your foot.

You can add Ginger Straps® to almost any shoe (high/mid heels, flats and wedges) to instantly improve the fit, comfort and style! A single strap applied to each shoe keeps loose shoes from falling off your feet, making high heels, pumps and flats more comfortable and easier to wear.

Do you spend your day standing or walking? Are you looking for a comfortable upgrade to your favorite shoes, but want to remain stylish? According to WikiHow, “Shoes with straps that fasten securely around your foot and ankle are more comfortable to wear as they prevent your foot from slipping around too much inside the shoe, reducing friction and pain.”

Ginger Straps® are the solution to walking comfortably and confidently!

Where to Wear?

With all the fashion and comfort benefits of Ginger Straps, we encourage you to add our attachable ankle straps to all your shoes! But specifically, you will see pronounced benefits in situations of prolonged wear such as:Experience the style and comfort benefits of attachable ankle straps with all day wear, prolonged walking, standing and dancing. Find out more at GingerStraps.com

Hear What Ginger Straps Customers Have to Say!

Easy to use! I have a pair of pumps that I slipped out of. I attached a Ginger Strap and problem solved in the form of a cute buckle strap! No slipping out every time I take a step. ~H

These fixed my problem completely! So happy I can wear my shoes comfortably now. ~MM

I got Ginger Straps in black and nude and they work like a charm! They brought 2 of my favorite, but stretched out shoes back to life!!! ~MJFB

Attachable and removable ankle straps give new life to ill fitting shoes and add style and comfort. Improve your posture and love your shoes again with Ginger Straps!

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How to Attach Ginger Straps

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Attaching ankle straps on shoes is easy, secure and instant with 100% genuine leather Ginger Straps 

Step 1: Remove adhesive backing

Step 2: firmly stick applique onto the inside of heels or flats

Step 3: Insert strap through designated slits

The Ginger Straps Difference

60% of woman have narrow heels, causing them to regularly slip out of the back of their shoes. Fix loose or stretched out shoes with Ginger Straps

Attachable ankle straps for heels, pumps, flats from Ginger Straps
Go ahead and apply Ginger Straps® to high heels, pumps, stilettos, wedges and flats - but please note, they aren't to be used in different pairs of shoes. Our awesome tape is made to stay so that you have the BEST FITTING SHOE possible!
Are you ready to love your shoes again?