ankle straps for shoes
ankle straps for shoes
detachable shoe straps for sandals
detachable shoe strap
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Silver Ankle Straps

Silver Attachable Ankle straps for High Heels, Flats and Wedges. Have you ever had that problem when walking and your heel keeps popping in and out of your high heels, pumps or flats? Crunching up your toes to keep that shoe in place. Finally, a solution to this never ending dilemma. These shoe straps for shoes can be added to your heels in just a couple easy steps. 

Included: One pair of Silver Attachable Ankle Straps with backing. 

How to: Remove adhesive backing and FIRMLY stick applique onto the inside of heels and flats. Insert strap through designated slits, buckle and your all set! (Shoes are not included).