Fall 2017 Shoe Trends - Loafers with socks

Fall 2017 Shoe Trends - Loafers with socks


We absolutely LOVE shoe trends at Ginger Straps®.  This new look in Cosmo's Fall 2017 Shoe Trends is adorable! But how in the world are those shoes going to stay in place if your wearing socks or tights? 

Attachable Ankle Straps, that's how! 

The best part of Ginger Straps in the winter is that you can attach ankle straps to shoes to keep them secure and stay comfy. Loose fitting or shoes that flop on and off while walking are so uncomfortable. Not to mention that you may see a blister or two. 

Detach the strap when you aren't using them or keep them on for that secure shoe fit! Enjoy!